In Other News....

In Other News....

United Baristas launches business portal 

United Baristas, the website for the speciality coffee industry, has launched United Baristas Business to connect buyers with sellers of coffee businesses.

The new service allows coffee owners and operators to sell their business, or assign their premises lease. The format allows users to create a listing that communicates the business, the premises, commercial opportunities and profile the business with photos and video. 

“There many people who have established coffee businesses as the coffee industry has flourished over the past decade”, said Tim Ridley, founder of United Baristas, “but it’s often been difficult for them to realise the value of their business if they wish to sell.”

“We want the the industry’s entrepreneurs to be able to benefit from their hard work and to make it easier for new market entrants to get started. Enabling coffee businesses to be more readily bought and sold is essential for the ongoing viability and future success of the industry”.

Coffee Business World has partnered with United Baristas to offer a job resource on its website, which showcases the latest jobs available through the United Baristas website. 

Taiwanese bubble tea concept to open 24th site

Chatime, the Taiwanese bubble tea concept, is to open its 24th UK site in Leeds Merrion Centre next month.

The chain has more than 2,500 stores across 38 countries.

Chatime offers a variety of specialist drinks including those typically served with a variety of edible “pearls”. The brand offers an extensive menu including fruit tea, oriental pop tea, milk tea, fresh tea, ‘QQ jelly’, mousse, smoothies and 50 flavours of coolers.

“As Chatime continues to expand, we’re extremely excited to be bringing our concept to the Merrion Centre in Leeds. Being located in the heart of the city and so close to the extensive international student population gives us access to a diverse mix of customer including those from overseas that have already grown to love the fantastic Chatime brand,” said business developer Vincent Deng.

“Chatime is the most loved and respected Tea House in the world and we are committed to serving a consistently high quality and extensive variety of teas whilst also providing outstanding customer service.”


Costa sale to Coca-Cola completed

Whitbread said it has completed the sale of Costa to The Coca-Cola Company. The sale proceeds of £3.9 billion have been received in cash.

The deal was given the green light by the European Commission in December. 

Whitbread said it has also reached an agreement with the Trustee of Whitbread's defined benefit pension scheme, the Whitbread Group Pension Fund. The agreement will release Costa from its obligations to the Pension Fund and will involve a one-off contribution to the Pension Fund of up to £380 million.


Bio-Beans saves 2.200 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Bio-Bean, the waste coffee company, has revealed that 2,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been saved in 2018 by recycling coffee grounds.

Bio Bean collects waste coffee grounds and recycles them into advanced biofuels and biochemicals.

Last year, Elior UK and bio-bean save 36 tonnes of coffee waste from going to landfill.

The coffee partnership, which began in 2016, has seen waste coffee grounds collected from various Elior sites across the country. After being collected, the waste coffee is transformed into Coffee Logs for use in wood burners, stoves and open fires.


New partners unveiled for Sustainable Coffee Challenge

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge has announced that 14 new partners including Dunkin', Nescafé, British Coffee Association, and Neumann Kaffee Gruppe have joined its mission to help make coffee the world's first fully sustainable agricultural project.

The have joined over 100 partners including corporations, governments, NGOs and research organisations.

"It's great to have these partners join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and commit to work collaboratively to make coffee the world's first sustainable agricultural product," said Bambi Semroc, vice president, Sustainable Markets & Strategy for the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. "We are encouraged by their commitments and investments and look forward to working together to scale these across the sector."

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, conceived by Conservation International and Starbucks, was launched during the Paris climate meetings in 2015. Its aim is to unite players from across the coffee industry – growers, traders, roasters, retailers, governments and NGOs.


World Coffee Research to test coffee performance in different climates

World Coffee Research, the non-profit institute, is undertaking testing of 35 coffee types across 23 countries to measure performance in different climates – including in regions not typically associated with coffee production, such as Australia, The Guardian has reported.

Greg Meenahan, the partnership director World Coffee Research, said: “Demand for coffee is expected to double by the year 2050 and, if nothing is done, more than half of the world’s suitable coffee land will be pushed into unsuitability due to climate change. Without research and development, the coffee sector will need up to 180m more bags of coffee in 2050 than we are likely to have.”

According to the report, scientists at Australia’s Southern Cross University will be testing 20 “climate-resistant” varieties.


Peet’s Coffee acquires stake in Revive Kombucha

Peet’s Coffee, the chain owned by JAB, has acquired a majority stake in Revive Kombucha, a craft brewery based in Petaluma, California.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Revive offers an array of naturally fermented, organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade certified, ethically sourced and raw bottled and on tap Kombucha. It maintains a strong presence in the United States, with a rapid national growth of over 168% percent versus a year ago. It said Peet’s investment will allow it to scale the Revive brand, grow its brewery operations and broaden its distribution via the coffee company’s network. 


BCA plans educational seminar

The British Coffee Association (BCA) is planning its 30th educational seminar, which it describes as its “most extensive educational seminar” yet.

The event, called ‘From Tree to Cup’is taking place between Tuesday 26th March to Thursday 28thMarch at the M by Montcalm in London.

Its aim is to provide a broad educational platform for those in the coffee sector – whether a new graduate or a long-standing professional seeking to explore wider issues affecting the industry. 

Speakers this year will cover key aspects including sustainability at origin, circularity, waste and recycling, international trade and the economy, ICE Futures, and coffee and health. 

For more information on the three-day course please contact Tracy Brown at the BCA,


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